Crate Shipping

Shipping a crate is one of the safest methods to transport fragile, valuable, and heavy items long distances. For the last twenty years, Ship Smart has helped companies ship millions of dollars worth of electrical goods and artwork using wooden crates. We know that crate shipping can be a confusing process and often needs a fair amount of preparation on your end. At Ship Smart, we make shipping crates simple for you by picking up your items at your home and taking them to our warehouse where our seasoned professionals crate and ship your items for you.

Professional experts in crate shipping.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous customers who needed help shipping crates long distances. It was our experience and simple shipping process that made moving Les Paul’s First State of the Art Electric Guitars to their destination in the House of Sound at the Discovery World Museum in Wisconsin a huge success. This was a major project for us, each guitar was valued at over a million dollars and was one of a kind. Our seasoned crating professionals had the experience and reliability to make it very easy and simple for the Les Paul Foundation. Since then we’ve taken on numerous projects of similar size, style, and responsibility, such as supercollider electronics for Stanford, high-end electronics for NASA, and countless art pieces for private and museum collections. We believe that it’s all about making sure that the shipping process is simple, safe, and professional. If you want to work with a team that will give your items the care and packing they need, consider using Ship Smart.

Onsite crate building managed with ease

Maybe your move is not so simple, so you are considering crating your goods yourself. Well, there are some pitfalls that we can help you with, but if you would like to see the items crated in front of you, Ship Smart does offer onsite crating. Onsite crating is where our team brings all the materials necessary to crate your items on location. This is an additional hourly charge and is based on availability. Are you not sure if you need crating, or are you worried about the cost, call our experts and they can customize your shipment to make it both affordable and safe. It is what we do. We use customs-approved materials to help keep your items moving through customs seamlessly, so you can be sure that you get a stress-free crate shipping experience with ShipSmart. Why make shipping harder than it has to be? Take the edge and the effort out of shipping with the help of our team today. Solve the logistical challenges that shipping crates can be present in a matter of minutes!